Smart Phones vs. Dumb Phones

Smart Phones vs. Dumb Phones

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I swear, every time I pick up my "Smart Phone"...I feel dumb... What else can these tech geniuses put inside these small contraptions. They can take pictures, get email, send instant messages, surf the internet, find you when you are lost, pay your bills, tell you the time anywhere in the world, play music, stream movies....and the list goes on and on and on... But you have to know how to work your smart phone to make all these options work.

Well, I'm not sure all these things are a good thing. There are times when I have an urgent call to make and I can't figure out how to find the person I am calling, let alone dial it. Now a days, who knows anyone's phone number. They are stored in your "smart phone". But when you need to call your neighbor because there is water spraying like a fountain in their yard, who can remember that number? I'm lucky to remember 9-1-1. Do you know your neighbor's number?

Now think about this... what happens if you drop your phone in water. Who do you call? What is their number? What do you do? That "Smart Phone" is not so smart during a time like this. All that info you need during this situation is in that water logged phone, which probably won't turn on now. 

Also, having a phone that can store a zillion photos and videos of your family on vacation is wonderful. But what do you do with them once your phone storage is full? Is there a button to push so the photos magically appear in prints or are transferred to your computer? I think not!!! The brilliant tech people forgot to teach us where those buttons are. 

These are just some situations that I have run into over the years as I have converted to a smart phone. And through a lot of trial and error, I have come to love many of the advantages that come with one of these phones. Don't get me wrong, I miss the age of having a phone that just made calls. Those so called "Dumb Phones" were part of a simpler time. A time when people just used their phones to make calls, not to run their life hour by hour. These phones were part of a time when you took pictures with a camera and had prints made. These phones were part of a time when we wrote letters to our loved ones instead of email or instant messages. 

Well, times have changed!!! We have these smart phones now and it only makes sense to learn how to use them and put these "advantages" to work for us. It definitely is helpful to know how to use Google Maps when driving to Chattanooga. And it sure is cool to wish your niece a happy birthday through Facetime. Also, being able to order a pizza before you get home can really be a life saver... if you are starving.

So, are you ready to make that leap into the "Smart Phone" and bury your "Dumb Phone" in the backyard? Are you having a small panic attack wondering how to absorb all the information about your new phone? Are you ready to get rid of your camera, phone book, road maps, etc... and become a fearless techy? 

We, at Rediscovered Moments Concierge, are here to help you in any way you may need. If you just need assistance on the basics of a smart phone or more advanced learning of apps, we have the right person for you. Don't let all this tech stuff overwhelm you. We are here to make this transition easy for you. 


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Written by: Kimberly Lapointe, Concierge Specialist, Rediscovered Moments Concierge

Kimberly Lapointe's career of over 20 years as an LPGA Golf professional combined with being a small business owner has developed her skills in customer service and business management. She is especially skilled in organization, financial and time management, and teaching. Kimberly's background as an assistant professor at Wellesley College has helped her develop her abilities in teaching others to succeed. In addition, Kimberly has an extensive background in merchandise displaying for golf stores and resorts. This experience gives her knowledge in improving spacial use and organization of personal items.

Kimberly also takes pride in the management and care of her home. From the day to day management of finances to organization of storage areas, Kimberly has a passion for creating ease and a sense of peace in her home for her family.