Personal Assistant to Wellness

Lately, there seems to be a lot of germs going around. Many people have been sick with the flu or seasonal allergies. We have entered that time of year where we are trying to escape the winter colds and enter the blissfulness of springtime. Every time I turn around, I find another person who is isolated to their home because of some sort of “disease” inhabiting their body.

I know that when our bodies catch these evil germs, we can be sidelined for what seems like weeks. Just to roll out of bed seems like the biggest mountain to climb. And we tell ourselves that we must because:

1. the kids need to eat

2. the kids need to get to school

3. my bedroom is filled with a mountain of dirty clothes

4. the dishes are starting to “walk” off the counter

5. I have to get to work - need to pay the mortgage

6. the refrigerator shelves are empty

7. the lawn is taller than my toddler

8. the bills are past due

9. I need some medicine

10. HELPPPP!!!

Truthfully, the list can go on and on and on… 

In times like these, I want to hide under my blankets and pretend that I have a personal assistant who will come and just make everything ok. I imagine that my assistant will bring my medicine, fix chicken noodle soup and have a large glass of ginger ale sitting by the bed when I wake. I envision that the laundry has been sorted and washed, the dishes are gleaming in the cupboards and my toddler doesn’t get lost in the grass, because someone has mowed it. And just think, how cool would it be to open the refrigerator and there actually is food in it!!! Wow!!!

Well, guess what! This is all possible. Hiring a personal assistant just for a few hours or a few days is exactly what Rediscovered Moments Concierge is about. It seems that we, as humans, have a flaw. We will hire a plumber when we have a water leak or a mechanic when the car won’t start. But do we hire anyone when our bodies are broken down? Usually not…because we think we can always take care of ourselves. 

We should be honoring ourselves and believing we are worth the time to recuperate without killing ourselves “to get everything done”. Doesn’t the doctor always say…”Rest is the best medicine!”? Well, we believe it is. So, next time the dreaded germs have taken you over, remember, Rediscovered Moments Concierge is only a phone call or email away. Let us help you get back on your feet and scare those germs back to where they belong.

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Written by: Kimberly Lapointe

Concierge Specialist, Rediscovered Moments Concierge

Kimberly Lapointe's career of over 20 years as an LPGA Golf professional combined with being a small business owner has developed her skills in customer service and business management. She is especially skilled in organization, financial and time management, and teaching. Kimberly's background as an assistant professor at Wellesley College has helped her develop her abilities in teaching others to succeed. In addition, Kimberly has an extensive background in merchandise displaying for golf stores and resorts. This experience gives her knowledge in improving spacial use and organization of personal items.

Kimberly also takes pride in the management and care of her home. From the day to day management of finances to organization of storage areas, Kimberly has a passion for creating ease and a sense of peace in her home for her family.