Picture Perfect Planning

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen! We all have had these visions of the "perfect party" and being the "perfect host". Dreams of a gorgeous tablescape with decadent pastries and mouth watering hors d'oeuvres. Images of yourself beautifully dressed in a designer outfit while mingling with your guests. An essence of peace and tranquility oozes from you while a sumptuous 5 course dinner is served.

  ...and then you wake up!!! Is this dream really possible??? Of course it is, but....

Having a party that seems effortless is very difficult. Do we live in an age when we are taught the art of being a host? I don't think so...that was in the 70's. Now a days, we are taught how to multitask and manage a career while running our children to their activities. And there's nothing wrong with that. But do we really have the time it takes to plan a " Picture Perfect Party"?

So what should you do the next time you want to have a dinner party, or have a tea party for your daughter's 5th birthday? I suggest to begin with making an outline of what the party is about. Start with the following questions:

1. What is the purpose of the party...Birthday, graduation, dinner with friends, etc...?

2. When will the party be...day, time?

3. Where will the party be? 

4. What is the theme? Who will decorate?

5. How many guests?

6. What food will be served and who will make it?

7. What kind of entertainment?

So after trying to answer these questions, do you feel ready to plan every detail or overwhelmed by all that has to be done? Are you excited to dive into the preparations or are you gasping at the thought of trying to pull this all together? Does the idea of cooking a 5 course meal or designing a tablescape make you smile or want to hide under the blankets? Do you even know what the word "tablescape" means? Well, if you do, than that is awesome!!! I would recommend searching Pinterest for some inspiration. There are some amazing pictures with beautiful themes for you to draw from. And if you don't know what "tablescape" means and feel the need for some help, then we at Rediscovered Moments Concierge are available.

Our team of party planners are available to help you plan and execute every detail of your party. Or, we can just be your hands and feet the day of the party. We have people experienced in putting together the smallest of dinner engagements to a large cocktail party for the whole company. Whether you want to have "A Night in Paris" or a backyard barbecue, Rediscovered Moments Concierge can provide you with the help to throw the best and most remembered party. We can help you to be that "Picture Perfect Host" you deserve to be. Don't you think you deserve to relax and enjoy your next get together?


Written by: Kimberly Lapointe
Concierge Specialist, Rediscovered Moments Concierge


Kimberly Lapointe's career of over 20 years as an LPGA Golf professional combined with being a small business owner has developed her skills in customer service and business management. She is especially skilled in organization, financial and time management, and teaching. Kimberly's background as an assistant professor at Wellesley College has helped her develop her abilities in teaching others to succeed. In addition, Kimberly has an extensive background in merchandise displaying for golf stores and resorts. This experience
gives her knowledge in improving spacial use and organization of personal items.

Kimberly also takes pride in the management and care of her home. From the day to day management of finances to organization of storage areas, Kimberly has a passion for creating ease and a sense of peace in her home for her family.